Bringing Romance Fans Together, One Story at a Time

Introducing Swoon Reads, a revolutionary digital platform dedicated to aspiring teen romance writers and fans, created by Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group and developed by MCD.

swoon reads homepage

With Swoon Reads writers can upload their manuscripts online and instantly access a global community of genre fans ready to read, rate and comment on their work.  And if a stellar sensation takes hold of the community, Macmillan will offer that writer a chance of a lifetime, a publishing contract for print and e-book release. There’s really never been an easier way for promising writers to enter the industry.

swoon responsive website

On the technical side, MCD New York built Swoon Reads from the ground up using a dizzying array of cross-platform features to work across all devices: responsive web design, easy to use browser based e-reader (Monocle), and Appcache for offline accessibility.

swoon reads ipad and coffee

It’s a new chapter in the publishing industry for encouraging undiscovered talent.  That’s enough to make any reader swoon with excitement.

Share your story at Swoon Reads.

Learn more about our recent work with Macmillan, check out our list of clients or get in touch about a project.

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