Macmillan publishes a new chapter online

Over the past year, we’ve worked with Macmillan to completely redesign their existing web site and create enhanced mobile sites for discovering books and authors and participating in Macmillan’s active online communities. They asked us to design a better web experience and find ways to engage visitors with book excerpts, author bios, audio and video clips, and other exclusive content — and to make it easy for visitors to share this content with others via social media.

Macmillan Mobile Site

The Macmillan mobile site helps on-the-go readers easily access books and authors with the tap of a finger. A suite of intuitive tools help readers dive into books their way — excerpts, audio clips, author bios, Goodreads Ratings and more. The ability to share content and follow authors or publishers help readers join the conversation from wherever they are. Mobile Site

This enhanced mobile site for, Macmillan’s science fiction and fantasy community site, enables users to browse and read blog posts and original content, share content, and  even post comments — all from their smartphone or connected mobile device.

Swoon Reads

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group had a vision to revolutionize the teen romance genre – a rapidly growing niche market that’s proven to be a runaway success – by offering aspiring writers worldwide the chance to post their work in an online community for the eyes of their peers. But it’s not just an opportunity for communal feedback; Swoon Reads also offers the chance of a lifetime: a publishing deal with Macmillan in both print and e-book formats. We built the Swoon Reads site from the ground up, to make it as easy as possible for fans of teen romance to upload, share, critique and communicate from any connected device.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

The custom, responsive site makes it easy for anyone to upload their manuscripts online and instantly access a global readership base in the Swoon Reads community, from any device. With cutting-edge technology (using an engine seamlessly integrating Wordpress and PHP, allowing for future open-source enhancement) both the creative and industry collaborators identify the finest talents around. And mobile users don’t miss out on a thing – the full site and its features appear on any device.

Book-Smart and Loves To Travel

While code, design and user experience were all inspired by the unique nature of Swoon Reads, one key element harkened back to the simple pleasure of reading. That’s why, using Monocle and Appcache, MCD integrated an easy-to-use e-reader capable of displaying content offline on practically any platform (from Android phones to Linux browsers). Now, once a manuscript is loaded, it can be read (and synced) to any device, anywhere.