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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 percent of women worldwide (more than one billion women) will experience either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence during their lifetime.

The WEvolve campaign is based on the belief that young people – both men and women – can evolve, take on new behaviors and healthy relationships that reduce the risk of gender violence. WEvolve brings together fashion, creativity and digital media to empower young people to speak up, share their stories and become part of the change.

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MCD Partners is proud to have teamed up with World Bank Group to design wevolveglobal.org, a digital platform supporting the multi-year campaign which includes youth storytelling initiatives, performing arts, film ventures and social media campaigns that together help men and women around the world challenge social norms.

WEvolve kicks off this week at Lakmé Fashion week in Mumbai where the world of fashion will unite on this critical issue with ‘Blue Runway’, designed by the most celebrated fashion designer in India, Manish Malhotra. In order to provide maximum visibility to this event, the whole show will be streamed live on wevolveglobal.org March 18th at 9pm EDT.

wevolve blue runway

Talking about the new campaign, Maria Correia of World Bank says “Young men and women around the world have the opportunity to influence, challenge and change social norms. Today’s digital and social media give young people a reach and a power that is unmatched in history. WEvolve provides the tools and language to empower young people to open their minds, become leaders of a new era, engage their peers and elders, and think and act differently.”

To see the stories and take action, go to wevolveglobal.org.

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