The Big Bowlinski: MCD Turns 12 | MCD Partners


July 29, 2011

The Big Bowlinski: MCD Turns 12

As usual, the celebratory details were kept a secret. Finally, during the 2p.m. mystery bus ride to somewhere far, far away (5 blocks west), the truth was unveiled—bowling.
The First Rule of MCD XII is: you don’t talk about MCD XII
The week leading up to the event was filled with cryptic company-wide emails assigning us to team colors—yellow, purple, green and red. Team assignments brought up memories of MCD X, which involved a scavenger hunt all over Manhattan… in the pouring rain. Some of us wondered if it would be on a rooftop like MCD XI… during 90-degree weather, and without any shade.
But with MCD XII, hunting for clues and sky-high parties were not on the agenda. This time it was the one sport anyone can play, where form and style may or may not matter. Bowling.
The Yellow Team—the champions—celebrated King Pin status with a score of 91. But we all agree that the real King Pins are Ian Magnani, John Caruso, and John Dutton. Thanks for leading us through 12 amazing years. Happy birthday to us, and many more!
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