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March 8, 2013

Share Your Way Around with Mixsee

MCD is excited to announce the public beta launch of—a free web tool for creating guided tours for places and events.

Mixsee Homepage
A Mixsee is a shareable mix of places that you can customize with photos, videos, audio and text to help guide someone around using their mobile phone. You can make Mixsees for things like: a visitor's guide for office guests, a wedding weekend companion, a local tour for out-of-towners, a list of your favorite places to share on social media, history tours for history buffs, a big conference or festival guide, a personal travel journal, or a how-to guide like How to Become a Hipster Dude in One Afternoon—you know, without really trying of course.
Mixsee Overview Page
Mixsee is easy to use and works on any web-enabled device. This means your audience can follow along wherever they are—smartphone, tablet and computer too—no apps required.
Mixsee was developed as an MCD lab production. It came out of a mobile contest we had, where we gathered the entire company into teams, brainstormed different concepts, and decided we would build the winning idea. “It was a bumpy ride at first, trying to develop a product within an agency environment, outside of the client work that we needed to do. But in turn, it's helped change the agency. After a few false starts and some hard earned lessons along the way, Mixsee went alpha in the fall and we’ve been non-stop ever since,” said John Caruso, Partner and Creative Director.
The team has been continually testing, improving, and enhancing the product and have a new release of the publishing tool lined up for the next month.
Have a look for yourself. Check out or our Mixsee blog—and if you are at SXSW this weekend drop by the Samsung blogger lounge. Samsung is using Mixsee to power its Samsung DailyMix for the interactive festival.
If you have any questions or feedback please contact us. We’d like to hear from you.
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