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July 3, 2013

Pulse Taps MCD for New Network Website

You've probably seen the PULSE logo countless times at ATMs across the globe. The industry-leading debit network maintains relationships with financial institutions large and small but found their existing web presence could be enhanced to target prospective customers or service existing clients. That’s where MCD came in.

Pulse Logo
With the client’s permission to “change everything but the logo,” MCD strategists looked closely at the existing site to determine the needs of PULSE’s target audience. They quickly found that while financial institutions comprised a large majority of the PULSE business, site content wasn't speaking directly enough to this segment. With a strategy based on attracting key prospects while improving services for existing clients, work began on a new, streamlined design.
Pulse Homepage
More tightly focused site pages became colorful and instructive with a bright, open aesthetic and easy-to-follow iconography. Innovative use of templates built to host webinars, webcasts and other digital media laid the foundation for future interactive content. An overall design inspired by modern technology lent the site an innovative feel to match the cutting-edge payment services the company offers. And most importantly, easier navigation gave potential customers and existing clients faster access to the solutions they needed most.
Pulse About Us Page
Debit technology has become so ubiquitous that most of us may take it for granted. But for PULSE, a new online presence built by MCD ensures there’s no missing all they have to offer – for customers today and tomorrow. See the work at PULSE's website.
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