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January 10, 2019

Of Colleges and Collaboration

Cappex is the online leader in connecting students with universities and scholarships. The company has helped more than 10 million students get matched with universities and find scholarships to help them pay for their education.
Screen shot showing home page of the Cappex website.
The college admissions giant had the tools in place to help students and universities, but they were experiencing a huge bounce rate due to an outdated site. So, they turned to MCD to redesign their website as part of an overall brand revamp. In addition to refining their brand guidelines and digital style guide, the MCD team created a new design system for improved SEO, UX, and scalability of their online experience.
Cappex mobile
Like many companies do these days, Cappex has an in-house design team. So early in the project we put together a plan where we could work together and ultimately bring out the best in each other. This included daily scrum meetings, chat tools, and agile sprint calendars to keep both sides aligned creatively along the way.
In fact, this close ideation and iteration even led to a new product for Cappex to offer universities to bolster their profiles on the siteā€¦ so stay tuned, an update could be on the way.
Screen shot showing advanced tools