Muse: How MCD Partners is Managing the Process of Reopening

With all 50 states easing restrictions on at-work activities for non-essential businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Muse checked in with creative companies to hear about their reopening plans.

Muse interviewed Wasim Choudhury, partner at MCD Partners, for the company’s broad plan for reopening the agency. “Over the last few months, we have proven that working from home works for us, and as it continues to be the safest option for our employees, we are not in any rush to get back without making sure our people are safe. We are continually evaluating our plans based on the CDC guidelines and directions from local authorities, but being in New York and Chicago, I suspect we may be one of the last places to open. That said, nothing will be official until we complete our employee survey to determine the thoughts and expectations of each employee about returning to the office. Once we have their feedback, we can work toward a more holistic plan.”

Read the full interview on Muse

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