MCD Partners Releases On-Demand White Paper: The Age of “Uber-For-X”?

How many times have you heard a new service described as “the Uber for ______”? With the recent explosion of digital on-demand services, we’ve seen new startups, established behemoths, and everyone in between clamoring to capitalize on the trend. Is it the age of “Uber-for-X?”

Perhaps Uber deserves to be the model, with a recent valuation of $41 billion. But venture capital funding for new offerings in the space has also skyrocketed, resulting in more than 117 VC-backed on-demand companies at last count.

So what types of services are consumers most likely to use, and why? Who is showing the most interest? And what are they willing to pay for an on-demand lifestyle? Let’s take a look.

The study was commissioned by MCD and fielded by Focus Vision.

The paper is available free, as an Adobe PDF, for download.
MCD Partners By Popular Demand White Paper

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