Gold Medal for Awesome 13 Years In a Row

On July 27, MCD celebrated 13 years of business, olympic style, with the MCDXIII Olympic Games.


The offices closed early, and activities were kicked off with an egg and spoon race through one of the world’s most dangerous obstacle courses, Seventh Avenue during lunchtime. Sporting colorful sweatbands, much to the delight of tourists and photo bloggers, the MCD teams simply crushed it—and a few eggs along the way—right up to the finish line on 30th street.

Photo Booth

But broken eggs were just the warm up compared to what was next. The staff was quickly greeted by our hostess with the most-est, Peppermint, who decorated each of our champions with their own shiny MCDXIII gold (er, finish) medals. She then hosted the main event, a triathlon of competitive team trivia, photo booth buffoonery, and an obligatory MCD karaoke death match (that was even scarier than it sounds).

Party Venue

Although the Orange Team won the top spot on the podium (cheats), they couldn’t be there without the three best coaches in the world. Ian Magnani, John Caruso, and John Dutton, here’s to 13 years of hard work, fun, and success—Happy Birthday MCD!


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