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October 1, 2013

A Tool Designed to Deliver the Perfect Home Loan

In 2011 MCD worked with Discover to launch their Home Loans business online. Shortly after launch, the work began on a web app to bolster the business’s success—Mortgage Finder.

Mortgage Finder Homepage
Most people looking at home loans online are looking for a personalized rate quote. But before Mortgage Finder, that meant picking up the phone and calling a mortgage banker—often more of an investment of time and effort than many viewers were up for. With Mortgage Finder, getting a rate is easy online. In minutes, Mortgage Finder delivers personalized loan quotes to customers. It breaks out loans by type, payment amount, interest rate and more.
Property Information Page
Mortgage Finder is a powerful and sophisticated tool that—thanks to elegant UX and smart, minimal design—appears simple and friendly to users. More importantly, it makes an incredible first impression on the Discover Home Loans site and turns prospects into customers.
Check it out here
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