How to get to Sesame

This iconic brand turned to us for a completely new online vision that could recapture what Sesame Street pioneered 40 years ago: a safe, enriching environment where kids can learn – but geared for today’s media-savvy generation of preschoolers.

Sesame Playlists

Each day Sesame Street offers a thematic playlist of videos and games, and enables users to do the same, so learning can be more focused.


This breakthrough feature allows parents to remove external navigation from the site though a simple key command, so little ones don’t accidentally wander off to undesired web sites.

My Street

A new site feature that allows users to customize their experience on the site, by saving favorite video, games and playlists.

Sesame Workshop

We designed the Sesame Workshop site, which is the non-profit organization that’s made a huge difference in lives of children across 140 different countries.