Better decision-making in a time of need

Genworth Financial and the AARP partnered to provide families with trustworthy tools to cope with a challenging situation–finding care for their elderly loved ones. These giants turned to MCD to create a user experience that delivers on their promise of objective, expert guidance worth paying for.

Demonstrating value at every click

As the hub for a set of offerings that include digital, telephone and in-home consultative services, the site has a lot to communicate. Using a free-mium model, the users can get a feel for the product before committing to a plan. Calls to action for subscriptions are placed with care so they can be effective, while not seeming to attempt a hard sell and damage the trust we’re working to build.

Create an easy-to-use directory

At the heart of the experience is the largest database of care providers in the country. We designed a faceted search approach, born of research with real caregivers, to narrow down choices quickly. Premium users are able to access cost and rating data.

Finding what works for you

People are often thrust into care giving and have no idea where to start. The assessment tool is designed to help people determine their needs quickly, intuitively and in plain English. Natural, contextually sensitive prompts direct customers who need more help to the phone and in-home services.

Taking it 360°

As an integrated partner, we also created the digital marketing that will drive people to the site – and a better decision. Promotional emails, landing page strategies, alerts, even imagery for print collateral, all of the marketing has the same look and speaks with the same voice.