A better website for the self-directed investor

E*TRADE is both a pioneer and an innovator in the world of online investing. E*TRADE has a big story to tell. E*TRADE looked to MCD to redesign its public website and demonstrate its value to customers — from novices to highly advanced investors — in a compelling and easy to understand way.

Demystifying online investing

User research told us that even more experienced investors may have gaps in their knowledge. With useful comparison tables, plain English descriptions and relevant curated links to educational content, we made sure that everyone could understand the value that E*TRADE has to offer.

Enhanced presentation of E*TRADE’s range of products and services

E*TRADE offers more than just online trading. This breadth of solutions was a pleasant surprise to many consumers during our initial research, so we ensured that each key offering had its own distinct section of the website.

A showcase for all of E*TRADE’s powerful tools

Because great tools are at the heart of successful self-directed investing, we created a section clearly explaining all of the features of E*TRADE’s tools, highlighting and showcasing the most important with a slideshow at the top of each page.

Investing online doesn’t mean investing alone

Our research told us that even self-directed investors like to know that there is help at hand if they need it. E*TRADE has a team ready to handle anything from simple queries to managing sizable portfolios and we ensured all types of one-on-one advice were clearly and prominently presented within the website.

Everything a prospective customer needs to know about E*TRADE in a single page

No one chooses a company to handle their investments, retirement or banking based on a single benefit or feature alone. To help prospects get all the information they need to make a decision quickly and easily, we put all of the compelling reasons to choose E*TRADE in a single, visually appealing page.

A detailed style guide

Every template used in the site was documented — font sizes, colors, dimensions down to the pixel and photography; guidelines ensured a smooth build and the ability to launch new content and sections easily in the future.