Fighting the good fight with The Partnership at

For the past five years, we’ve worked with to strategically realign their entire web presence to better help families cope with drug abuse and addiction. Along the way, we’ve helped with the award-winning redesign of their website – plus many other key initiatives. Portal

The redesign of provided clear pathways to relevant content—for parents, teens, and a treatment and intervention site for those dealing with addiction.

Parenting Toolkit

This website provides advice and stories from parents and professionals about drug prevention, intervention and raising healthy teens. It also offers practical ways for parents to really talk to their kids through helpful videos, articles and illustrations.

Parenting Blog

Our Decoder blog for The Partnership explores parenting, teen culture, and addiction in a new way. This light-hearted, multi-author blog offers different perspectives and encourages parents to stay informed and remain active in their teen’s lives.


A place where family, friends, and loved ones can come together and create tribute sites to share their grief over those who lost their lives to drug abuse.

Time to Act

The website is a first-of-its kind online help resource for parents and caregivers who suspect or know their child is experimenting, using or has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

DXM Stories

This anti-drug site used a cartoonish style and character to help inform kids in a way that would capture their attention. The site was seeded into DXM (cough medicine) dosing search results to intercept kids while searching for information.