Discover Financial Services

The Discover it Experience

Discover has a history of treating people right and creating customer firsts—in fact, they invented the cash back credit card. In 2012, they launched a game-changing credit card. It didn’t only do one thing well, it did everything well. It’s a card whose value lies in how it all adds up. If you haven’t heard of it—it is IT.

Our mission was to build a digital experience worthy of the card. One that conveys all Discover IT has to offer, and one that offers a seamless customer experience.

Selling a Multi-Benefit Card

The Discover IT card offers a range of benefits, like free FICO Credit Scores, double cashback for new cardmembers, and Freeze IT—an automatic shut off feature for lost cards. These, along with generous cash rewards, 24/7 human service, and late payment forgiveness, made Discover IT tough to beat.

While a winning strategy, conveying a card that has so much to offer was a communications challenge. We designed ads that focused on individual selling points—and drove prospects to an experience that showed it all. Seeing how Discover IT stacks up, prospects can get the big picture and the finer details, all at once—making it easy for them to fall in love. And unfiltered cardmember reviews—another Discover first—tell the benefits of membership straight from the members.

From Application to Cardmember, Fast

It should be easy for a prospect to complete the credit card application online. Long forms with too many fields are outdated—technology has made sure of that. Our goal was to make the credit card application process completely painless. We built a pre-screen that serves as an initial decisioning point, and reduced application fields from 33 to 11. And of course, this works across devices, with millions of applications coming in on mobile.

Design Studio @ MCD Chicago

A Seamless Online Experience

For a new cardmember, the digital experience is paramount. We believe that any digital customer experience must drive value, and ultimately, contribute to brand loyalty. In the credit card space, the digital experience has to be helpful, intuitive, and empowering—pillars of self-service. When cardmembers first create an account, they are encouraged to set up their account just how they like it, and sign up for things like online billing and notifications.

Home Sweet Homepage

With 40 million logins per month, Discover’s Account Center homepage is one of the most important screens in their portfolio—it is a key customer touch point. Using our customer-centric design process, we launched a new homepage, which we continually validate and optimize, keeping it modern, friendly, helpful, and relevant to cardmember needs.

Making Payments Painless

We know from talking with cardmembers that when making a payment, they want it to be easy—get in, pay, get out. We wanted to make it as easy as possible, so we simplified the three-step process into a page with one single step. We also made it a cinch for cardmembers to use cash back to pay their bills. Win win.

Redeeming Rewards

Arguably the best part of a credit card experience is earning and spending your credit card rewards. Discover invented the cash back credit card and disrupted the industry at the time. We recently revamped the entire redemption experience and created a fulfilling online experience that makes it easy for card members to use their cash back however they wish.

Viewing Activity

Viewing transactions is the behavior that drives the most log-ins into the account center, so the activity page is critical. Beyond making it simple for cardmembers to browse their transactions, we made it easy for them to dig a little deeper—with spending trends, budgeting tools, and smart search.

Credit Scorecard

Ninety-percent of lenders, including Discover, use FICO® Scores in their decisions. Historically, consumers’ access to their own score was limited—it came at a price and could even negatively impact their credit standing. We changed that experience by designing and building an easy to access digital web app—Free Credit Scorecard. Discover now nurtures new relationships with prospective card members.

And That’s Just IT...

In 2015, Discover Financial Services placed first in J.D. Power’s Credit Card Satisfaction Survey, beating out all other cards—a well-deserved recognition. We’ve been lucky enough to call Discover partners for 8 years, and we love getting to collaborate with them on exciting projects every day.