Rochester Co-op Program

City of Rochester

Can't come to our NYC or Chicago offices?
We'll come to you.

We recognize the enormous amount of talent in the Rochester area, so we've opened a Rochester office specifically for web development students looking to fulfill their co-op program requirements.

Our experience with co-op originates from our successful partnerships with RIT students, and has led to the opening of an MCD office just a short distance from the RIT campus.

We’re excited to better facilitate co-op education for RIT and University of Rochester students studying web development, and are committed to working closely with your school.

MCD supports co-op education because we believe the benefits are two-fold: co-op students receive invaluable career training during the duration of the program, and we have the opportunity to build relationships with these students that could potentially lead to full-time work upon graduation. It’s a win win.

MCD co-ops are full-time, paid positions. Apply for a web development co-op opportunity in Rochester.

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