MCD’s New Insight Lab Opens Its Doors

The success of our clients lies squarely on our ability to deliver insightful solutions to their thorniest marketing and customer experience challenges. With so much at stake, we’re always looking for new ways to inform our creative work with a deeper understanding of its intended target audience.

“Agencies can be incredible hothouses for creativity and innovation, but in the end, our work is consumed by real people and made their own.” explains John Caruso, “Having the lab in-house enables us to try new things, more things, and get immediate feedback earlier and more frequently during the development process.”

The lab was designed to be a flexible space that can accommodate all types of audience research (from focus group discussions to one-on-one usability interviews) and is equipped with state-of-the-art recording and monitoring tools.

Having these tools on-site makes it easier to engage in both formal and ad-hoc testing throughout the creative and production process. Combined with robust quantitative online-research practices, we’re able to save time and cost without sacrificing reach.

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