AdAge: Ways Agencies Are Keeping Their Remote Employees Engaged | MCD Partners


March 24, 2020

AdAge: Ways Agencies Are Keeping Their Remote Employees Engaged

With most agencies closing their offices nationwide and abroad due to the coronavirus outbreak, they're deploying creative ways to keep employees engaged in the new virtual bubble we're all working and living in.
"Work is the easy part in all of this right now," says John Caruso, co-founder, partner and chief creative officer of MCD Partners. "I mean most of us have worked remotely at some point, so operationally, we’ve been prepared to work from anywhere for awhile. But this time it’s different. There was this moment once our entire team was working from home when we could feel this collective sense of, 'Um ok, now what?'"
To introduce their home offices to each other, as they will be working from them for the foreseeable future, MCD Partners, Canvas Worldwide, and design and experience shop Jam3 have all launched their own versions of MTV's "Cribs"—the documentary-style show that once gave us common folk a peek inside celebrities' grandiose pads. While probably not as impressive as the mansions Mariah Carey or Missy Elliott inhabit, the agencies say their staff are showing off their home spaces through short virtual tours.
"It's been fun to see each other in our homes," MCD Partners' Caruso says. "Frankly, it’s a little lighthearted break from everything that’s going on. People have been sharing some solid productivity tips too, and showcasing pets, kids, collectibles and their style of emergency rations. It really underscores how we’re all dealing with the same thing, and that we’re all in this together, while being separated and apart."
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